Monday, September 27, 2010

"A Witness to Genocide"

this certainly was a graphic reading! To me it seems like being a journalist or photojournalist during a war would be a super hard job, having to see all the dead bodies and telling their stories. However, I also think it would be a good job in the sense that you are enlightening the world about whats going on. You are helping the people get their stories out, which in turn helps to get other nations involved in trying to stop the conflict. Its horrible what can happen during times of war, here is a quote from the story: "Nenad started running to the nearby riverbank, but the irregulars shot him dead on the spot. They dragged the corpse onto the bridge, then threw it into the green water of the Drina." and all that happened while his wife was watching! This was a hard reading for me. A year or so ago, I borrowed a photojournalism book from Eric, which had photos from this conflict. So as I was reading this, the images of dismembered corpses piled in the streets came back into my mind (they have and probably always will be ingrained there forever).

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