Saturday, November 6, 2010

Child Soldiers

It seems like the Child soldiers that are in the camp are recovering pretty well. I'm sure its not entirely possible to recover from such awful experiences as the ones they've been through. But having a safe place to go where they can spend time with other child soldiers, having fun and just being children is a great thing. A good thing the U.S. could do is to build schools and give the children a chance to be educated. if they have the opportunity to learn, then they can go on to do better things with their lives. Its a good way to keep them out of trouble too. If you are sitting in school, you can't be going around robbing the neighbors. Another thing would be enforcing the rule that you can't have soldiers under the age of 15 in your army. maybe do some sort of fine. Say for every child soldier under the age of 15, we are going to fine you a certain amount of money. Although most countries probably wouldn't pay up, so that may not work.

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