Saturday, November 20, 2010


"But I believe non-violence is infinitely superior to violence, forgiveness is more manly than punishment." I find this to be so true! its harder to forgive someone than to get revenge. You have to try much harder to be peaceful instead of retaliating.
"In India it must be held a crime to spend money on a dinner and marriage parties... and other luxuries so long as millions of people are starving. We would not have a feast in a family if a member was about to die of starvation, if India is one family, we should have the same feeling as we would have in a private family." Its an interesting way to look at things. Gandhi makes a really good point though. How can you sit their eating your fancy dinners when there are people outside dying of starvation.
"The Afghans have a bad government but it is a self government. I envy them. And if we today had the power to drive out the English by superior brute force we would be counted their superiors"
The British didn't seem to take much heed to India, other than the fact that they controled them. Didn't try to help with the poverty. Truthfully they probably didn't really know what was going on or care much. If India had a self government, they could make decisions for themselves, decisions that would benefit the country and its people.

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