Monday, November 15, 2010

love vs war and dictators

"I was delighted to have your sweet note with funny drawings made by you...Yes, it is little children like you who will stop all war. this means that you never quarrel with other boys and girls or among yourselves. You cannot stop big wars if you carry on little wars yourselves...May God bless you all. My kisses to you all if you will let me kiss you." I like this quote because it is accurate. how can we prevent wars in the future if we are fighting our own little wars! Its great how he is addressing the children telling them they are the future and basically you can decide how you want the future of your world to be.
"Human nature will find itself only when it fully realizes that to be human it has to cease to be beastly or brutal." Gandhi seems to be saying humans are truly peaceful, when they act like humans instead of trying to be war mongering beasts. we can rise up and do better than that!
"I will not go underground. I will not go into a shelter. I will come out in the open and let the pilot see I have not a trace of ill-will against him. the pilot will not see our faces from his great height, I know. but the longing in our hearts that he will not come to harm would reach up to him and his eyes would be opened. if those thousands who were done to death in Hiroshima, if they had dies with that prayerful action...their sacrifice would not have gone in vain."
It would sure take a brave man/woman to do such a thing like that. to come out in the open and have the faith that the pilot would hear your cry and not complete his job. but In truth that probably one of the only things you could do. hiding won't do any good. might as well give it a try!

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