Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Warfare is only and invention & the causes of war

i believe that War is an invention of mankind and that it is not biologically in our inherent nature. I think that we could possibly change and not have to fight anymore wars. However i don't think its likely, cause so many wars have been fought that its almost like a social norm so to speak.
Certainly the role of being a war hero has been highly glorified over the years. You are really important if you were a good soldier. So I doubt if we will ever stop fighting wars, but there is a chance everything could change.

I agree with Michael Howard. mankind wants revenge for actions others have done to them. so rather than trying to work it out, its much easier to just go and drop some bombs on them. Certainly some companies benefit alot when we go to war. During a war, there are different people pushing their agendas and lots of capital gain can come of it. You look back centuries ago and countries were fighting over land. why? because the land had something they wanted, something that would benefit their nation and maybe give them a big advantage against their enemies.

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