Saturday, November 20, 2010

Peace and Disarmament

Sadly, I don't believe we will ever have world peace. the world is a big place, with lots of messed up people. Humans are too selfish and have a lust for power. Do believe it is possible to have war free zones. cause in a sense we already have some. Neutral countries, that don't fight in wars are places I would consider peace zones. I say good for those countries! I wish there were more of them. As for military disarmament...I doubt it will ever fully happen. There will always be countries unwilling to give up their weapons. Without weapons, you have no defense against invaders. And that wouldn't go over too well with the weapon manufacturers. Its too big of an industry, they would probably start wars themselves just to sell their products. However, there has been some disarmament in recent years, with the Russian and U.S. slowly decreasing their nuclear missile count. Thats a great step in the right direction, but its obvious neither country will ever completely get rid of their nuclear weapons, cause thats what gives them power. At this point we aren't certain what countries have nukes or not either. so unfortunately it would be stupid to get rid of all our nukes, cause then some loon could get power and take over by nuking everyone and we'd have no way to fight back.

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